Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm learning to Run 5K in 100 days

Hi there, I'm really excited to write this post because is the first time I'm running and really enjoying it. I always liked cycling and I was not bad at it. I have never been the most athletic person on earth but I like exercise and enjoy how I feel after I finish a workout. I now have a new love that is growing and is for running. About 9 weeks ago I started a program called Learn to Run 5K in 100 days and its taught by Brad Gansberg, please check his website and give it a try he is starting a new group in August. Every week we send him a report on how our week has been and it helps him to measure our progress. This week I wrote one report that was longer than usual and I want to share it in this post, I hope you enjoy reading it. Take care and have a great weekend.

Fartlek is an unstructured workout this term is a Swedish word.

Fartlek Rocks and explaining my sense of accomplishment!
Fartlek, what a fun workout! I started this week on Saturday and I know I’m supposed to run only 3 days a week, but this week I’m doing 4 runs, all of them with one rest day in between. I hope this report won’t be to long, but I need to explain my feeling of accomplishment every time I finish my workouts. The workout I did with the farlek in mind helped me realize why I feel so good, energized and above all a runner. To make my story short, I walked for 10 minutes and ran two intervals of 15 and 16 minutes each with 1-minute recovery. For the 1st interval I started by setting my 1st goal in the distance and when I reached it I was feeling great and continued jogging; I stopped because Emma wanted some water and it was at the bottom of her stroller and I couldn’t reach it while running, if not, I would have continued and could have run for 30 minutes straight. I love the running portions for several reasons but this one is kind of shallow, I thought I loved them because when I start the runs is usually after I turn around from walking and start my way back home. That day I was already running before I turned back and I still felt awesome so I confirmed that running is not about the time in the intervals or the fact I’m returning home. Running to me is about enjoying the feeling and how my body is adapting to the challenge and enjoying myself, enjoying the scenery I chose to run at and most of all enjoying how I feel when I sweat, and in the end the fact that I’m running is really what is making me feel that I’m tackling something that I have never done before and I’m actually running. Overall, this has been a powerful week for me and is also a turning point in my workouts.
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  1. Ximena, thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I checked out Brad's website and am trying to get into his August session, but I'm still waiting to hear back. I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying running, that is something I am desperately trying to do.
    Can't wait to read more of your blog, it's very inspiring!