Thursday, July 28, 2011

What are you having for breakfast tomorrow?

Hi there, I'm back with an unusual but fun blog to write. This week I joined my new blog friend Kenlie from All the Weigh in a breakfast swap. She is doing the summer breakfast challenge with Attune Foods and she is eating their Uncle Sam cereals and is blogging about her experience. I decided to join her because I'm looking for healthy, delicious and nutritious food to fuel my body and what is best than starting my day with a great kickoff than a good balanced breakfast? On Monday morning I prepared my green tea, a bowl with fresh cut strawberries and peaches, yogurt and 1serving or Uncle Sam Original cereal. Below is the picture of my POWER bowl.

 I called it like that because it gave a lot of good nutrition, energy and I was totally satisfied after finishing it. One thing 3/4 of a cup may seem not a big portion but boy it really was and it was very filling!

 Here is the proof I really enjoy it!

On Tuesday I used 1/2 a cup in the morning power bowl and was still very satisfied. At night I prepared baked okra and I  used 1/4 cup to bread the okra, it was really good and crunchy. Sorry there is not a picture of it I was trying to get dinner ready for daddy and baby and in the whole process forgot to document the food.

I invite you to join us to use this cereal as a great start for your day.

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  1. OMG I love it!!!!!!!!! =0) Great post! And I agree! It's filling and delicious. Now I'm going to try it with Okra! Yum! =0)