Saturday, July 16, 2011

This has been a weekend of first things ever...

Well I'm finally blogging. I really don't know what my journey will be with this blog but I'm sure I will enjoy writing and sharing some things about me. This weekend has been really interesting and exciting. We are taking our first family vacation to the beach with our little one and it has been a fun adventure so far. Right now is raining outside and I decided after a long consideration to start a blog. I didn't know it was going to be hard to choose a name, a description and all the little things that will make the blog appealing to others but to be honest, I guess it will take time to learn how to be comfortable with what you write and how it looks, and in the end you have to write for yourself regardless if someone is reading or not. Another first, and this is more on the shallow end but I want to share it anyway, this is the first time I've worn a bikini. Let me be clear with this last First, in the past 8 months I started what would be called a journey to become healthy in every aspect of my life, not only loosing weight (around 57 lb. so far) but also concerning general activities like doing exercise, or going to a park and play with my daughter, or cooking a new meal for my husband, in general I'm enjoying every single and simple opportunity life is presenting. I'm learning to enjoy and be happier with what I have. I'm learning to be thankful for the good and bad things that surround me and appreciate every day as it comes. Is a one step at a time process that I'm learning to accept and not worry about things I can't control but be diligent with those I can. Now going back to the bikini thing, I'm not a bombshell nor I pretend to be one but being able to wear one, even if my body still needs more care and love from me, made realize I have come so far in this journey and that I'm proud of sharing this whoever is reading. Maybe nobody will read but that is ok, being able to write about it makes me be accountable for my accomplishments and committed to continue my journey. I'm not perfect and I make a lot of mistakes and bad decisions but I'm human and one of the best gifts I have received is being able to learn, do the necessary changes, adjust my path and continue. I think is time to go back to my family and vacation. Before I leave I'm going to share a thought from Edmund C. Blake: "There is no greater joy than living the life you were meant to live".  I think I'm ready to continue living the life I was meant to live. Bye and take good care of yourself.

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