Monday, August 15, 2011

FMM- Driving Force

What is the driving force behind your weight-loss?  

Once again I'm faced with the question that defines a lot of my decisions when starting the road of being healthy and thiner. For years I made all sorts of commitments to be in a better shape and happy with my image and in the end I always ended up quitting once I saw good results, I felt comfortable with them and thought my work was done and I started to overindulge until I was back and beyond my starting point and even farther away from my goal to look pretty and wear a "normal" size of clothing. I finally got to the point where my body ached every morning after waking up, my arms will get numb, I would be out of breath after a fly of stairs and I was not eating the right things to nourish myself, instead I was on the path of self destruction. I was not happy with those results but I was not strong enough or better committed enough to stop that destructive trend and really take control of my habits. I was a happy person, I became a mother of the most beautiful gift GOD has given me, I have a supportive and loving husband by my side, my family and friends love me but the reality is that I wasn't ready to really do my homework to be healthier. One year ago I had a powerful conversation with my husband, he was worried about my health and also my eating habits, he said I was addicted to food and that I needed professional help. That comment and a picture I saw of myself hurt my pride and I would say they made me make the decision of being healthy.

My friend was pregnant I was not and I looked way too big.

 I then realized I had all I wanted and that if I wanted to be there in the future to enjoy it I had to do something. And I finally accepted I had to be gentle to myself. My driving force was already there, they were my HUSBAND and DAUGHTER. In the beginning my goal was to loose the weight and be healthy, now that I've lost the majority of that weight and I'm in a healthy range my new goal is to maintain it and to continue to nourish my body and soul with quality and not quantity. I'm not perfect and don't want to be perfect, I want to make mistakes, learn from them and also live my life to be an example for my daughter, I want to be there for my husband. I love to have the extra energy and to wear clothes that are a smaller size and I totally enjoy going out for a workout and sweat like crazy.

Enjoying a run with my daughter Emma and a beautiful trail close to our home

Thank you for taking time to read me.
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  1. Look at you, rocking that sports bra!! Damn, I can't wait til I'm at that place! I'm very impressed by your progress and I love that your FAMILY is your driving force! keep it up!

  2. You look AMAZING! You totally took that motivation and transformed your life. Very inspirational!

  3. You look awesome and your daughter is beautiful!

  4. Hola Xime, que blog tan chevere que has creado. Gracias por compartirlo. Un abracito
    PD Estas REGIA!

  5. Ximena,

    The following sentence hit me right in the heart...

    "I then realized I had all I wanted and that if I wanted to be there in the future to enjoy it I had to do something."

    This is one of the most amazing things I've read in such a long time. One of the lessons I'm still learning is that grace, and a grateful heart, comes NOW. If I tell myself "in the future" I'll be grateful, based on things like losing weight, etc. than I've missed the whole point.

    I must be grateful for everything I have NOW, and then live according to that.

    It's inspiring to know that your love of life, your daughter, your husband, motivated you to be healthy.

    Because of that, I am not surprised at your success, and your AMAZING physique, because it sounds like your motivation is coming from one of the truest places possible.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. dropping by from FMM
    you look amazing! I look forward to the day that I can spot a bra top outside of my bathroom (LOL) you are an inspiration!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing Ximena. I feel complacent right now myself. I would love to talk to you. Please give me a call.

    Ashley from Smyrna

  8. Dropping by from FMM. DAMN! You look so good. Look at how much you changed from your 'before' picture. You obviously worked very hard for that. I love what you wrote. And your daughter is gorgeous! Congratulations on such an amazing loss. Continued success to you :)

  9. Love your post! You look amazing! :) It's great to see the actual achievement following the motivational thoughts! :)